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     Countless months were spent listening to hundreds of songs to find those that would capture an era of music that I treasured and wanted to share with you. But also included on this CD are some new songs from four very talented writers – Cary Clark, Emory Pady and Nashville co-writers Gary Nicholson and Russell Smith that invoke that same feeling of time and place. I sincerely thank them for the privilege of recording their music.

     While playing and singing in the dancehalls of Texas, the USA and around the world – the one thing I’ve learned is, “the song never forgets”. Everyone has a song that takes them back in time, to a place that they’ll never forget. It is my hope, as you are listening, these songs will do the same for you…     Ronnie


Ronnie, Robert "Bubba" Bartosh and Jeff Thompson at the Lone Star Brewery during a break.

Ronnie, Darrel McCall and Jim David somewhere in south Texas before the show.... or was it after ?

The Master -  Bobby Flores at the controls.

Jimmy David is trying to hide, as Ronnie and Darrel McCall sell a woman's under garment to the highest bidder.... to raise money for a children's home.

KBUC Radio disc jockeys
Johnny West and Ronnie Pfeil.
Ronnie was one of the youngest in Texas to receive his Broadcasters License at age 15.....

Bobby laying down some great fills.

Dana Wehrmann, Scott Thomas & Ronnie

Ronnie & Jeff Thompson

At The Legendary Sisterdale Dance Hall

Tully Mangum, Scott Thomas, Dana Wehrmann, Hidden on Drums- Smiley Reynolds, Ronnie, Henry W. & Don Bierstedt

Scott Thomas, Jeff Thompson, Don Bierstedt, Ronnie Pfeil, Dana Wehrmann, Rodney McDonald & Tully Mangum

Scott Thomas, Smiley Reynolds, Dana Wehrmann, Ronnie Pfeil, Tully Mangum, Henry W. & Don Bierstedt
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